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    2015 Spring Violin Concert of YWIES Guangzhou

    School News

    24 Apr, 2015

    10 : 00

    • In this concert, these little violinists captivated everyone with their “professional” performance.

      Harry Hu from Year 1 played “Concerto No. 5, 3rd Movement”, the violin solo .This is a complex piece with rhythms and consecutive double notes. However, Harry made it look all so simple. Every guest was deeply stirred and impressed by the precise rhythms, euphonious tones and abundant emotions from this piece.

      Linda Chen and Peter You from Year 2 played “Enjoy the Life in the Village” and “Sonatine in C Major” on the piano. They ran their fingers along the keyboard and played with such confidence and skill that it was a pleasure to listen to them.

      Nancy Zou, our violin teacher, presented a wonderful programme “Love’s Greeting”. Ms Zou is a wonderful violinist who inspires many of our students with her gift and enthusiasm.

      Year 2 Wilson Gao played “Allegro” with supple rhythms. He almost had the audience on their feet wanting to dance. Our western music teacher Mr Kresge and violin teacher Ms Zou performed a duet "The Entertainer" by violin and cello together.

      “Are You Sleeping Medley” was one of the most eye-catching programmes in the concert. Students from Year 1 to 3 created the image of two little charming tigers by playing violin while students from K4 and K5 wearing little tiger costumes were singing and dancing on the stage. It’s such an adorable scene.

      The concert reached the climax with the rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. Students from the Kindergarten were waving the star-glowing sticks as the students from Year 1 to 3 expressed their excitement of roaming freely around the Milky Way through the violin.

      The concert ended with the enthusiastic applause. Music is such a beautiful and pure thing. We hope it will accompany the children all the way in their lifetime. Let’s look forward to the 2016 violin concert and these little artists’ splendid performance.