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    Dormitory Curriculum - Physical Health and Development

    School News

    26 Oct, 2018

    10 : 00

    • The physical health and development curriculum enables students to understand their own development through sports, healthy diet and physical health, so that they can learn healthy life and exercise in their daily life.

      The following is an introduction to the three aspects of learning content:

      1. Sports
      First of all, let students clearly understand the importance of sports because sports not only enhance physical fitness, but also have a role in the fields of entertainment, education, politics, and economics. Students can learn the basic knowledge of science and sports through the course. And through group or individual competitions we cultivate students' interest and hobbies in sports, and improve their team spirit.

      2. Healthy Diet
      Students can learn how to eat healthy food through the course; what kind of food will benefit our development; how to distinguish safe food from others, etc..

      3. Physical Health
      "Physical health" is an important part of "new health education" in cultivating physical and mental health. Through the scientific application of health management methods, and the improvement of the campus environment, functional environment and humanistic environment, we provide healthy life for both teachers and students. Therefore, under the guidance of professional teachers, students will learn health knowledge and their physiological changes.

      In this course, there are different learning standards for children of different ages and we evaluate students through classroom activities and observations in daily life.

      We hope that through the physical health and development course, students will have a stronger body, better eating habits and a healthy attitude towards life.