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    《城市漫步》: 珠江三角洲


    2015 年 03 月 16 日

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    • On Saturday, January 17, over 200 local and expat families gathered in a conference room in Four Seasons Hotel, Guangzhou to hear remarks from educators and representatives of Yew Wah International Education School of Guangzhou. As competition to enter private high schools, universities and graduate schools in China and abroad stiffens every year, parents and young adults alike are hard-pressed to find the ‘right’ path. Research indicates distinct pros and cons of both Western and Eastern curriculums, making it challenging to know which to choose. YWIES Guangzhou has revolutionized the discussion entirely, posing a new alternative: “why not choose both?”

      With over 80 years of history and campuses spanning China, Hong Kong, the UK and the US, YWIES Guangzhou strives to take the best of both worlds by fusing the Chinese national curriculum and international curriculum. With a highly accredited teaching staff made up of both foreign and Chinese teachers, the school conducts all classes in native-level English (apart from Chinese language), allowing students to experience a range of teaching styles in a cross-cultural environment.

      Although YWIES Guangzhou does incorporate aspects of the Chinese curriculum, it strongly believes in producing well-rounded, academically passionate students instead of merely transmitting knowledge and skills. As part of this holistic approach, the school emphasizes the academic, social and spiritual facets of the education process. Students develop creativity and critical thinking skills, which erect solid foundations for their lifelong learning, leadership skills, self-confidence, time management and independent decision-making.

      At YWIES Guangzhou, the faculty and staff have one thing straight: learning should be fun! With a common goal of motivating students to learn and explore in a joyful and stimulating setting, teachers understand the reality that rouge memorization fails to cultivate critical thinking and application skills that are necessary for a successful career in society today. Plus, with dozens of stimulating extracurricular and cultural activities available, from traditional Chinese performances and festivals to international food fairs and concerts, there is never a slow day at YWIES Guangzhou.

      Molding its curriculum around the quote, “The foundation of education is the formation of character,” YWIES Guangzhou is committed to encouraging students to learn social responsibility and strong moral values. In addition to organizing local trips to elderly homes and orphanages, the school also strives to reiterate the importance of being a globally responsible citizen in today’s internationalized world.

      Posing new solutions to the time-old question of how to make the most of one’s education, YWIES Guangzhou stands out as a well-rounded and diverse community of zealous learners. In an increasingly interconnected world, perhaps it’s not a question of which path to choose, but rather how to find a middle road.